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Making Coin Purses

We often have small pieces of fabric left over when cutting our small, medium and large zip pouches. It just felt so wasteful to simply throw these away and I haven’t been able to do so as of yet. So I thought, there must be something we can use pieces for? I experimented with trying to sew multiple pieces together in blocks to form a sort of patch work. But in all honesty it just looked a little bit rubbish! 
Most of these pieces leftover were at least 12-13cm wide, making them the perfect size for a coin purse. So I put together a template and started the mammoth task of cutting them all to size and linings to match. I’ve ended up with enough fabric to make about 75 coin purses! And to think that was all just going to sit there or go in the bin! I may be feeling pretty smug regarding my productivity right now but I am yet to actually start sewing them all. I’ll let you know if I regret it when the repetitive strain syndrome kicks in! 
These coin purses will be available to buy directly from us, either at the Mid Century Modern Show at Dulwich College on 18th March or from our studio in Hylands Estate, Essex. 
Will keep you all all posted with pictures to see how they progress! Some one of colour combinations too!
x x x