Hand Printed and Handmade in Great Britain

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Handmade in Britain Confirmed!

https://www.handmadeinbritain.co.uk/events/handmade-edinburgh/ We are absolutely delighted to confirm we will be exhibiting at the prestigious Handmade in Britain Show in Edinburgh this August!  This show will be taking place during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - perfect!  We had better get cracking with those tote bag user trials!

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Making Coin Purses

We often have small pieces of fabric left over when cutting our small, medium and large zip pouches. It just felt so wasteful to simply throw these away and I haven’t been able to do so as of yet. So I thought, there must be something we can use pieces for? I experimented with trying to sew multiple pieces together in blocks to form a sort of patch work. But in all honesty it just looked a little bit rubbish!    Most of these pieces leftover were at least 12-13cm wide, making them the perfect size for a coin purse. So I put together a template and started the mammoth task of cutting them all to size and linings to...

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Printing on Faux Leather

So if you follow us on Instagram you’ll know we’ve been experimenting with screen printing on faux leather! This is something we have wanted to do for ages but it always seems to get put on the back burner but we finally managed to cram some in! As the faux leather we used was textured, it didn’t provide an overly flat surface to print on. But it did seem to work better than anticipated on certain pieces! Once you have screen printed a textile, you need to heat cure it to ensure the ink doesn’t just simply wash away. So getting a hot iron on essentially a plastic fabric has been somewhat molten in places, we have worked around it...

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Mustard Ivy Photoshoot with Carina Ioannou

Had a fantastic day today working with wonderful Carina photographing our colourful, quirky products. Carina is a talented photographer whose work has shown Mustard Ivy at its best. We are so pleased that the vibrancy of the colours and details of the design are so clear and bright. Carina was such a delight to work with and didn’t mind if we changed our minds about certain shots! Check out her work at  www.carinaioannou.com

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Mid-Century Modern 18th March, 2018 Dulwich College

Despite the recent dismal weather, we have been working hard for this upcoming show. So pleased to be participating this year. Being at Top Drawer in January this year really got our creative juices flowing! We’ve been trying out new ideas and new products and will be showcasing some at this show, so come along to see what’s new. Click on the link below to purchase tickets at a discounted rate. Special (generous!) discounts will be available on the day - another reason to visit us on Dulwich College on March 18th, 2018. http://modernshows.com/the-shows/dulwich-march-2018/ (...and follow the directions to purchase tickets) Hope to see lots of you there! 

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